Top 5 Best Free Dating Sites & Apps for Horse Lovers!

The first question arises, what is an equestrian, and what is an equestrian dating? An equestrian is a person who is an expert in horse riding. The person is not only a talented horse rider, but, is very much sincere in caring for the horse. They only think of caring for the horse and will forget everything if he/she sees a horse whirling its tail around. Moreover, they are very sensitive to their horse and will not tolerate any negative comments about the horse.

On the other hand, equestrian dating means to date a person who is a horse lover. Imagine you are walking on a country road, and you see your dream partner riding on a horse. You approach that person and ask them for a coffee, but he/she doesn’t reply to your question and move out with the horse. Don’t worry; it is quite natural for horse lovers. These people are complicated to date, as they only think about their horses. Therefore, if you think of dating equestrian, you should impress them by impressing their horse. So if you are want to date an equestrian, then go through these five equestrian dating sites today.

1. Equestrian Cupid

Type: Equestrian Dating
Platform: Website

This website is one of the best and largest equestrian dating website. If you are looking for a partner who will love to be with you and will go on a ride with you on your horse’s back, then you must visit this website today. They have a huge collection of profiles containing horse lovers that you can go on a date with.

You must be thinking this site is only for those who are horse lovers. No, if you are not into horses but want your partner to be a horse lover; then also you can visit this website.

Reasons to visit Equestrian Cupid:

A. Less Time consuming and hassle-free User Interface
B. A huge number of people trusts them
C. They provide genuine profiles
D. They have data encryption software to protect your conversations.
E. They have various membership offers that enable you to explore more and more profiles.
F. They are in this business for more than 15 years.

Therefore, if you love horses and want your partner to love horses, you should visit this site. They provide one of the best and most genuine people with whom you want to spend your weekend.

2. Equestrian Singles

Type: Equestrian Dating
Platform: Website

This site is considered to be one of the most original dating sites. It was launched in 2001 when two horse lovers understood the need to bring the horse lovers together. They have thousands of profiles worldwide and offer various packages that make them attractive for the users. Every year more than 1000 new people are joining this website. All having one goal, to meet a person who loves horses. They all want to go on a weekend with a partner riding on a horse.

This website not only provides a romantic partner but also helps you search for a riding partner. This means that you can have a friend or a partner with whom you can go on a ride.

Reasons to visit Equestrian Singles:

A. This site is a one-stop platform for people who have a common hobby, i.e., Horse lover.
B. Easy and hassle-free user interface.
C. Premium options are much cheaper than the other websites of this category.
D. This website provides a filter option that enables the user to search precisely.
E. They provide Zip code recognition to search for your partner near you by adding your zip code.

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3. Equestrian Dating

Type: Equestrian Dating
Platform: Website

Imagine that you are scrolling through hundreds of profiles and all have a similar hobby like you. Wouldn’t that be wonderful if you find a person who shares the same hobby as you? Equestrian Dating makes this possible for you. They believe that a relationship is not only about making people meet each other. They think that two people will fall in love with each other if they have the same thinking and share the same hobbies.

You will all agree that going out on mountains, riding alongside oceans, nothing can get more magical than that. Having a partner that will make all these dreams come true is itself a dream. This dream is made real by the Equestrian Dating website.

Reasons to visit Equestrian Dating:

A. Easy to use User Interface.
B. Hassle-free transactions to use premium services.
C. Thousands of profiles are available, and all have a common hobby of a horse lover.
D. They provide a filter option that will help you search for an accurate partner.
E. They have profiles from around the world that will help you search freely.
F. They have cheaper costs for all kinds of premium features.

Therefore, if you are a horse lover and want to be with a person who also shares the same thinking, visit it today.

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4. Love Horse

Type: Equestrian Dating
Platform: Website

Love Horse has one of the largest communities of horse lovers; they have a network spread across the world and have thousands of profiles in it. Moreover, there is an entry of more than 100 new faces daily. They have a very fast and efficient feedback system that will answer all your questions in seconds. In this era of increasing online dating, Love Horse is one of the largest online dating websites for equestrians.

Love Horse provides different services including, chatting, video calling, photo exchanging, etc. They believe that people with similar thinking are more likely to fall in love with each other than people with different mindsets. Moreover, what is more thrilling than having a partner who is as crazy as you and has the same hobbies as you.

Reasons to visit Love Horse:

A. They have hundreds and thousands of genuine profiles.
B. It provides various premium features that you can access at a significantly cheaper rate.
C. They provide services like chatting, video calling, photo exchanging, etc.
D. They have a huge network and are spread worldwide.
E. Easy and secure transitions.
F. They will provide you with various filters that will help you filter out the perfect profile for you.

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5. Match

Type: General Dating with Some Equestrian Members
Platform: iOS App, Android App, Website

The match is a dating website that was launched in 1995. It is one of the oldest dating websites and is spread over 24 countries. There are thousands of profiles on their Website. They provide various options that can help people to express themselves. They have a huge data storage vault that will enable you to store all your photos and videos. They have gone through the journey of making people fall in love with each other through numerous tools and services.

They believe that every person should have a platform to express themselves. This the reason they provide free writing sections under the profile menu that allows the users to write about their likes and dislikes.

Reasons to visit Match:

A. They provide services that help the users to express their feelings.
B. They have a secure and hassle-free transaction method.
C. They have a huge network and are spread around the world.
D. They have data encryption software that helps the users to keep their conversations and photos safe.
E. They have thousands of genuine profiles that you can go through.

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4 Important Tips on Dating a Horse Woman

Growing up with a horse is very natural nowadays. Playing with a horse, spending time with a horse in the barn, and returning home dirty is not unnatural nowadays. There is a 71% chance that a town girl will be a horse lover and will be excited to see a horse whirling its tail around her. They will love to ride a horse and will instigate you to ride with her. It would be best if you respected that decision and encourage her to do her things.

There is a saying that a horsewoman will wear long, tight jeans, a cowboy hat, and will have a cowboy tone. Imagine you are going out with your dream girl on a date, and suddenly she brings her horse along. Don’t worry; we will provide you with some tips and tricks that will help you date a horsewoman. These tips and tricks will support you in having a successful equestrian date.

Tips That Will Support You on Equestrian Dating

Imagine you are walking alongside a country road, and you see a beauty riding a magnificent horse. You must be thinking, “Gosh, What Do I Do to be with her?”Don’t worry; we will help you out. We are giving you some essential and useful tips to go out with the beauty you saw.

  1. 1. You must have a strong nose.
    It is pretty much obvious that if a girl is riding a horse, she will go to the barn to cuddle it. Moreover, it is seen that the girls who love horses are most likely to spend most of their time in the barn. Therefore, if you are going to date a horse lover, you must also date the smell. Hence, you are supposed to have a strong nose and a strong stomach because the smell of barn can sometimes make you puke.
  2. 2. You must accept the Horse in Your Date.
    There is a 90% chance the horsewoman you are dating will bring her horse with her. Moreover, she can ask you to go out on a date riding the horse. Therefore, you must be straightforward and must accept the horse with her. Remember, whosoever is training and having a pet horse is definitely a horse lover, and she will not give up on her horse for you.
  3. 3. The Horse will always remain Her First Love.
    It isn’t easy to date a horsewoman without the horse. They love to spend time with their horse. They will forget everything if they have their horse around with her. A horse lover will spend most of her energy on her horse. If you are a self-loving person, then there is an 80% chance that your equestrian dating will work perfectly. However, if you want attention, then my friend, I am sorry you must not date a horse single.
  4. 4. Give Her Barn Related Gifts
    Dating a horse single is not that simple. You have to impress her by giving unique and unusual gifts. For example, if you give her a pair of barn shoes, you will definitely get a kiss and hug from the horse lover. A horsewoman will be impressed more if you give her barn related gifts rather than expensive pieces of jewelry.

Bottom Line

Remember, if you are going on an equestrian date, you must keep your mindset to impress her through her horse. You must not insult her horse or crack some inappropriate jokes related to her horse. The second thing that you must remember is that a horse lover will love you if you gave her horse some attention. In short, to date a horse single, you must date her horse first. Having said that, all the best for your date.